Tix For Tots

Tix for Tots is providing children with experiences today to inspire the dreams, hopes and achievements of tomorrow. Join us!

Some experiences in childhood are unforgettable. Remember the first time you went to a ballpark and heard the crack of the bat in response to the opening pitch? How about sitting raptly in the audience in the dark, hushed and waiting for the curtain to rise on your first viewing of “A Christmas Carol?” Some fans recall the roots of a lifelong passion beginning with the squeaking shoes and hustling on the hardwood floors of a college basketball arena.

Whatever your passion, it started somewhere, and being able to experience new things through cultural events opened your mind, made you think, got you in shape, or helped you join a team – or maybe just let you escape for a few hours.

Tix for Tots helps kids, who would otherwise not have the chance, to experience those events. It is simply a network – a relationship that allows unused seats for sporting and cultural events to be donated to non-profits and distributed, so that kids get a chance to escape, or learn, or develop a passion.

If you have tickets you would like to donate today, just follow our simple procedure.

If you don’t have tickets, you can still help. Tell your family, friends and co-workers. If your employer has corporate tickets, see if they would like to contribute. Every contact has the potential to get another ticket into the hands of an appreciative child. Spread the word about our organization and help us to reach as many children as possible.

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